Welcome to: cyberworldgames.

Only the latest games are uploaded to this website. (the old games are not available anymore)
They are only available on the game maker forums !
All games are free to download.
Have fun and enjoy.

The creations of games takes alot of time so dont expect new games every week...
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Game creator , Webdesigner , Graphic artist , Audio mixer:    Rob.

This website was made for the games I created.
I wanted to let other people enjoy my games too (doh).


Ever since i was young i wanted to create games.
Although I never knew how to do that, I still enjoyed the idea of making my
own games some day.
Most of the time I was just playing games, but from time to time I searched the internet for
Tutorials / programs to make them with.
I finaly found a program: “game maker”.
I was so thrilled , but how do’s it work?

After some time I just gave up and forgot about making games.
But years later I got the same feeling, “Make my own games”.

So I searched for “game maker” again and learned the coding language.
And so I finaly created my own games after a long time of learning and trying.

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